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Disney is known for it's princesses, but personally, I've always been more of a fan of villains. Disney villains have tons of flair and style, which makes them iconic in ways the heroes will never be. And tattoo collectors certainly agree.

We've curated 36 of our favorite tattoos depicting 12 of our favorite Disney villains of all time. Take a peek at our picks in the gallery below and let us know your favorite Disney villain in the comments section on social media.

"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"—the Queen

Considered to be the OG Disney villain, the Queen (sometimes referred to as the Evil Queen) struck fear into both Snow White and audiences across the board. Her ultimate goal was to be the fairest of them all and when she wasn't, she wanted Snow White murdered and her heart in a box. Big yikes.

"Cinderella"—Lady Tremaine

The Evil stepmother that started it all, Lady Tremaine had it out for Cinderella from the start. Not only did she treat Cinderella like a servant, she locked her in the attic when her Prince Charming showed up with her glass slipper.

"Alice in Wonderland"—Queen of Hearts

Based on the character by Lewis Carroll, the Queen of Hearts is an extravagant character who lives to be the center of attention. Sure, she's pretty obsessed with beheading anyone who gets in her way, but we're here for a queen that embraces a signature color.

"Peter Pan"—Captain Hook

An adaptation of a 1904 play, "Peter Pan" is the perfect fantasy story—albeit showing some pretty one dimensional characters. The story's villain, Captain Hook, seeks revenge on Peter Pan after having his hand chopped off and fed to a crocodile—whom he fears more than anything.

"Sleeping Beauty—Maleficent

Perhaps the fiercest Disney villain on this list, Maleficent made her debut as a party crashing dark fairy in "Sleeping Beauty." Because she wasn't invited, she put a curse on Princess Aurora, as well as the entire kingdom. Oh yeah, and she can transform into a fire breathing dragon.

"One Hundred and One Dalmatians"—Cruella De Vil

Growing up, "One Hundred and One Dalmatians" was my all time favorite Disney movie and it's villain, Cruella De Vil, sure scared the crap out of me. Today, I recognize her as a fashionable villain who would do anything to get the spotted coat of her dreams.

"The Little Mermaid"—Ursula

When a Disney character's design takes inspiration from the legendary drag queen Divine, you know they're going to be fabulous. Ursula is an icon and we cannot wait to see re-imagined on the big screen.

"Beauty and the Beast"—Gaston

He's handsome and he knows it. Gaston may be a a douchebag and totally full of himself, but we can't deny that he's a pretty sexy villain.


Jafar is power hungry and will stop at nothing to rule over others, even though this led to his own demise. But we've got to say that his outfit is seriously memorable.

"The Lion King"—Scar

Scar is ruthless, after all, he murdered his own brother and then blamed the whole thing on his nephew. That's cold blooded.


Hades is not only a villain, he's the god of the damn underworld. So not only is that totally badass, but he's immortal and the same cannot be said for the other villains on this list.

"The Princess and the Frog"—Dr. Facilier

Last, but certainly not least, we have the flamboyant Dr. Facilier. This villain is all about voodoo, which is amazing and he's got a killer sense of style.