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Bitch I’m a cow, I’m not a cat- actually she’s neither, she’s Doja Cat. An up and coming artist who previously went viral for her funny AF music video “Moo,” and has rapped with names like Rico Nasty- Doja Cat released the music video for her latest single “Rules.” And she starts the video by telling us to play with her… well, to play with something other than her emotions (meow).

Doja Cat, or Amala Dlamini, is an LA native who is the creator of hits including “Tia Tamera,” “Go To Town,” and of course no one can forget the 2018 viral hit “Moo.” It skyrocketed the singer to fame, and was the anthem of the summer for quite a bit. She’s a mix of quirky and kawai with a sprinkle of fierce rhymes, and she combines bubble-gum cute with explicit lyrics about sex, money, and power. She’s also dressed as a cat, which goes with her previous theme of dressing as animals in her music videos.

Though the “Rules” video looks far less neon than some of Doja’s other works due to the old Western style of the video, it’s still full of flamboyant outfits and feline flickering Photoshop. Oh, and a shit-ton of different Western hats that honestly make me want to buy one for myself. It’s enough to make Wendy’s on her like Williams, Bobs on her like Dylans, and blondes like she’s Hilton (listen to the song to understand that reference).