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Art is exceptionally powerful. It has the potential to impact politics, popular culture and stir up some pretty profound emotions. It can also make you believe you're trippin' balls.

Enter Yatzil Elizalde, a tattoo artist from Hermosillo, Mexico who specializes in double vision tattoos. This effect is created by layering the same design on top of each other and the end result is seriously mind melting.

We sat down with Elizalde to understand what goes into creating one of these tattoos and how she thinks they'll hold up a few years down the road.

How did you get your start tattooing?

I started practicing on myself, then on my friends and clients.

What inspired your first double vision tattoo?

As strange as it sounds, there are times in my life when I usually things this way. I'm excited by the idea that people can experience the feeling that their sight is clouded through my art.

What’s your process for designing a double vision tattoo?

First, I visualize the image in a slight movement, then I try to make that movement a single piece. But the magic of these tattoos happens during the tattooing process since it's the moment where I let my imagination fly and add these details that achieve this effect.

Which designs best suit this technique?

I consider these to be the pieces that best represent this style:

How do you think these tattoos will age over time?

As a good tattoo, it will always retain its essence and hopefully, this can always transport you to a good memory, even if it doesn’t look as new as the first day.

Could you see yourself doing one of these tattoos in color: why or why not?

Yes, because it is important for me as an artist to continue reinventing my art.