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Hannah Montana has returned to the legendary Dr Woo for her newest piece, and it’s as Sagittarius as you could hope.

Dr Woo posted the photo to his Instagram with the caption “Ancient symbols found on rock walls with some woo twist for @mileycyrus #hideawayatsuitex #slimneedle.” Though Cyrus has yet to post a photo of the ink to her own social media, it seems that the piece is based at least a little bit off of her and ex-husband Chris Hemsworth’s zodiac signs.

Cyrus is a Sagittarius- regularly referred to as the archer- and this new tattoo features an arrow going down her inner forearm. In the middle of the tattoo is a goat, the symbol for Capricorn signs and the sun-sign of Cyrus’ ex-husband, Chris Hemsworth.

Cyrus pufferfish

Even if this wasn’t purposeful, Cyrus’ tattoo screams Sagittarius who just wants to wander the world with a foot and what looks like a tiny galaxy accompanying the little goat. This isn’t the first tiny tattoo Cyrus has kept on the down low from Dr Woo, he also gave the singer a tiny puffer-fish after her own passed away back in 2018.