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All-star Toronto rapper, actor and certified loverboy Drake just revealed his new (and so far, only) face tattoo via a photo dump on Instagram. Captioned “Sandra Gale” the ink is of none other than his mother, Sandi Graham’s initials, “sg” in lowercase, old English font. Drake already flaunts an assortment of tattoos on the regular, which includes a portrait of his son Adonis, his influences such as Lil Wayne and Aaliyah, a poorly-aged matching tattoo with an ex and even a mugshot of his father Dennis. The artist’s body tends to be a collection of all of the most formative moments and impactful figures in his life, serving as reminders of where he came from and why he keeps going.

A tattoo devoted to his mother is not left out of that equation. While we all have complex, potentially tumultuous relationships with our mothers, Drake has continually deemed his own as the most important person in his life, religiously showing her love and appreciation in his music and on social media.“I only love my bed and my momma, I’m sorry” on “God’s Plan” is just the tip of the iceberg. “You and the 6 raised me right / That shit saved my life" from “You & The 6” is just one other example of the rapper profusely crediting his mother for being supportive of his music career growing up. While it has been speculated that the portrait of a blonde woman on his back is also his mother, apparently that wasn’t enough to show the world how much she means to him.

All of Drake’s previous tattoos have landed on his arms, chest and back, but this one has the status of being his first face tattoo, sitting right underneath his left eye. This spot is unmissable; while the tattoo is small, the artist presumably wanted it to be in a spot that can’t be ignored when you’re face-to-face with him. If there’s one thing the artist wants you to know about him right away, it’s that he’s forever a momma’s boy.

The rapper unveiled his latest tattoo shortly after posting another tattoo that his father got of him on his bicep over 5 years ago. Drake himself playfully mocked the piece in the caption, but most likely felt the love nonetheless.

The artist, @_n.a.l also shared a clip of him giving Drake his new tattoo, with the man of the hour resting quietly at ease.

What do you think of Drake’s new ink? Is it a fitting first face tattoo, and would you get a tattoo dedicated to the woman who gave you life?