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Last year, Eddie Ferrini, like so many have done in recent years, tattooed a New England Patriots victory on his back for Super Bowl LII. What made this tatt a little different was he didn't wait for Sunday's game against the Philadelphia Eagles to do it.

Football fans howled at him on Instagram for his audacity -- including his fellow Pats supporters, who feared he'd jinx them. Ferrini scoffed at superstition, and his confidence remained high.

"I was honestly caught off guard by the online mob that ensued," he says. "I just don't understand the thought process of someone thinking that a tattoo would have any impact on a professional football game."

Besides, he had a backup plan. “If they do lose, they’re going to win next year,” he told CBS Boston at the time. “Add another ‘I’ on the end.”

Well, they lost.

Fortunately, the way the Roman numeral system works, Ferrini had a second chance waiting for him this year — but only this year. And this time, Ferrini's prediction proved correct. "I started to get nervous after back-to-back losses to Miami and Pittsburgh late in the season," he says. "It was shocking to see a Patriots team make mental mistakes week after week."

Those nerves disappeared once his team was in the playoffs. "I knew they would beat the Rams. It seemed like the team really found their identity as a power running team. A testament to Dante Scarneccia, Josh McDaniels, Ivan Fears, Belichick, and the offensive line. I was so confident going into the Super Bowl because of how young the Rams were and I thought the Patriots matched up well against their scheme."

He posted a celebratory shot of a Sharpie placeholder last week, and then updated his ink with the permanent "LIII" this weekend at Iron Works Tattoo in Portsmouth, NH.

Eddie Ferrini guy who got Super Bowl Pats tattoo early

Ferrini, who also has a Tom Brady "TB12" logo on his deltoid, added the Patriots logo above their list of accomplishments and the word "Champs" a little lower down his back. His faith has been rewarded. "My friends in real life thought it was hilarious and they didn't take it so seriously," he says.

None of the strangers who made fun of him last year have apologized or congratulated him for being right, but he still has the last laugh -- and not just because his team won. "I have started to read the comments", he says, "and respond to some of the good ones."

It's a good thing Ferrini righted the tattoo before he had to defend its position as Most Infamous Patriots Tattoo against the new Brady/Gronkowski tramp stamp that one man got to make his daughter happy. Seen any crazy sports tattoos? Have one yourself?