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In this day and age, we're all about remote learning—whether that be zoom college courses or workouts. Why not improve our tattoo skills from home as well? Edit Paints is now offering an online seminar for passionate artists who want to learn micro realism tattooing. This 30+ hour course takes artists through every step of the process and allows them to learn invaluable skills from Edit herself.

We sat down with Edit to learn more about her syllabus and what this online seminar offers to prospective students. Find out why she chose to develop her own online seminar, her favorite course to create, what she hopes students will take away and much more.

Take us through why you chose to specialize in micro realism.

Before I started tattooing, I was a full-time painter for many years. Going into tattooing, I knew I had to combine my painting skills with my tattooing and the way to do that was with micro realism. With a single needle, I can create really detailed tattoos without them being deformed on the body. I love that I can create a realistic piece in a small area.

What were some of the challenges you faced early on in your tattoo career?

I was one of the first tattoo artists who started the micro realism style and that’s why I’ve faced some challenges along the way. I had to figure out the best way for me to execute micro realism for my style and as I went, I became better with every tattoo.

What inspired you to create your own seminar?

When I started tattooing, I was always searching for information and guidance on the internet. But I was so surprised when I realized there’s so little information about tattooing out there. After I gathered information myself through research and experience, I knew I wanted to change things and share my knowledge with new artists who wished to learn. I know many artists are secretive about their art, but I feel satisfied knowing I’ve helped inspire people.

What does this seminar offer to artists and what will they learn?

The seminar provides artists the ability to be inspired by their own creations. One of my biggest goals in creating this seminar was to be able to inspire the artists following me to expand their artistic and technical capabilities.

We have over 30+ hours of content. I go through the full process of micro realism tattooing, layer by layer. Starting from the basics, I demonstrate tattooing on fake skin, real skin, in black-and-grey and in color. Every lesson is based on the previous techniques so the artist will have the ability to progress step-by-step.

Take us through the different lessons offered and why you chose to include these courses in your syllabus.

One of my favorite lessons in the seminar is the Frida Kahlo fake skin practice. This is the first time I reveal my techniques working with colors. It was super important for me to provide the full process of every single tattoo in the practice module. With the Frida Kahlo tattoo, I share my full color toolbox and explain my color choices when I’m designing a tattoo.

Every lesson in the syllabus was created with a lot of thought behind it. I wanted to make sure I chose the right designs with the most educational potential that allows you to learn more than the basic technical aspects of a tattoo. I wanted to create the most comprehensive experience possible.

How do you recommend that people follow this course and practice these techniques on their own?

The whole seminar is designed to be followed in real time. Every phase of the process is recorded with three different angles, so you can catch every single detail. There are no time-lapses and most importantly, every sketch is exclusively downloadable for students, so you can work with me step-by-step. This way, you can just print the sketch, apply it on the fake skin and practice with the video at your own pace.

What advantages come with remote learning?

The main advantage of remote learning, which I experienced myself, is controlling your own pace. You are able to choose when and where you want to practice. If something requires more practice, you can slow down, go back a few lessons and try it over as many times as you want. I do want to highlight that first timers shouldn’t do their first tattoos without professional supervision— safety comes first.

Who’s the target audience for this seminar?

Passionate artists with the desire to improve their skills and accelerate their careers. As artists, we have the obligation to always be on the move, challenge ourselves, expand our knowledge and grow our artistic toolbox. This is the type of artist I’ve created this seminar for.

What do you hope that people gain from this seminar?


Do you have plans to expand this seminar with additional courses?

Definitely. This is only the first drop of content. Practice and improvement are a never ending process and I can’t wait to create more content for my audience.

If you could take a seminar from any artist (alive or dead) who would it be?

If I could take a seminar from any artist, it would be Caravaggio, my favorite artist from the 18th century. He’s my inspiration. I love the way he uses contrast and warm colors, plus the emotions in his paintings are amazing. I’ve learned so much from looking at his art, so being able to take a seminar from him would be a dream and a fantasy.

What was your favorite part about creating this seminar?

I loved doing this seminar because I’ve never talked about every step of my process before. The tattoos I did in my seminar took me a long time because I had to stop and explain every step, but that made my tattoo experience special. I loved taking the time to speak my mind every step of the way— it was an amazing experience. It was very intense, but great.

What else should we know about this seminar?

This seminar is a product of love. I love what I do and I want to inspire others to look at the tattoo world through my eyes. I want to give knowledge to those who want to learn. I remember when I started tattooing, I couldn’t find any information online, so I want to help artists improve themselves from the knowledge I gathered in all my years of tattooing.

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