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You can tell a lot about Ed Sheeran through his tattoos, particularly things that have made an impact on him throughout his childhood and early on into his music careers. One of his more peculiar tattoos is of the Heinz Ketchup logo, which he had inked in Columbus, Ohio while on tour in 2012. After getting the tattoo, he shared the photo on Twitter with the caption: “No one is too good for ketchup. Ketchup is too good for you.”

Fast forward seven years and his tattoo has taken on new meaning. Not only did Sheeran star in a commercial for the popular ketchup brand, he teamed up with them to create limited edition bottles decorated with his tattoos. Some of these bottles were auctioned off on August 15th, with the proceeds going to Rise Against Hunger and East Anglia's Children's Hospices. And the rest were given away to fans in an online sweepstakes or to museums around the world.

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