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Yesterday, cheese had it's day and today, we're all about eggs. I know I said cheese was the best animal biproduct and I stand by that statement. However, while the cheese tattoos I saw yesterday we're pretty great, they're nothing compared to these egg tattoos.

Eggs have been eaten by humans for thousands of years and chickens were domesticated for this purpose before 7500 BCE. The most commonly eaten eggs are chicken, followed by duck, goose and quail. The United States produces 9.41 billion eggs every month and the average American eats 279 eggs each year.

Eggs can be prepared and enjoyed in a variety of delicious and exciting ways—from scrambled to poached to sunny side up to fried to hard-boiled. And while cheese is largely absent from many cuisines in Asia, eggs can be found prominently in cuisines all over the world.

In the last decade, eggs have infiltrated popular through the Japanese character Gudetama. Gudetama was created by Sanrio and introduced in 2014. His name translates to lazy egg and he's had a tremendous impact on kawaii culture. Since debuting on television, Gudetama has been seen around the world and appeared on the side of an airplane, on packaging for Top Ramen and he even has his own video game.

In honor of National Egg Day, June 3rd, we're celebrating this sensational animal biproduct by sharing some of our favorite egg tattoos from talented artists around the world. These tattoos capture the diversity of egg preparation and we want you to share your favorite way to cook eggs in the comments section on social media.