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Meet Jane Wilkes, a 57-year-old self-proclaimed elder goth whose expressed herself with tattoos, Victorian clothing, and gothic makeup for many decades. However, it wasn't until she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2016 that she gained a new appreciation for self-expression.

Wilkes underwent cancer treatment throughout 2017 and during her chemotherapy, she discovered makeup tutorials on YouTube. Wilkes used her time in recovery to teach herself elaborate and colorful makeup looks, which came in handy after losing her eyebrows.

While Wilkes is currently cancer free, she continues to express herself through makeup, fashion, and tattoos. She's recently completed a permanent homage to surviving cancer, which is a sun, bird, and rose design on her upper back. Many of Wilkes tattoos are nature inspired, including her chest piece, as well as, a bat and cat skull on her thigh.

Today, Wilkes has received support from the public for her story of survival and her bravery to defy conventions through her physical appearance. What do you think of his unique story? Let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section.