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Have you ever taken the time to consider the saying "elephants never forget?" Is there actual scientific research behind this saying? Or did someone just think that it sounded kind of clever and it stuck? My guess is that it's much more of the latter than the former. 

While we can't prove that elephants have an impeccable memory, they are known for being highly intelligent. In the animal community, it helps to have a big brain, and elephants' brains are pretty massive. Asian elephants have been seen using branches as flyswatters, showing that they are capable of using tools. Elephants are able to recognize themselves when looking into a mirror, thus proving that they have some self-awareness, a trait that is only seen in intelligent animals. 

Researchers have looked into the possibility that elephants may also be capable of emotion. When we say emotion we aren't talking about evolutionary reactions, like rage, that help elephants survive. We're talking about complex emotions, such as worry or concern when another elephant is dying. 

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