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Every week America watches as Ellen DeGeneres tears into terrible tattoos submitted by her audience, but in the most recent segment of “Bad Paid-For Tattoos” Ellen features a next level piece- a full portrait of her sweet angel face on a fan’s arm.

It seemed that it would be like every other week of The Ellen Show when the audience saw a tramp stamp spelling out “Hail Satin,” but the tattoo of Ellen’s literal face on someone’s arm was a whale of a shock (that’s a Finding Nemo pun) to her and the viewers.

As Degeneres introduces the picture she tries to hold back her laughs to little avail, and once the audience sees the tattoo it’s easy to see why. Right on screen is Ellen’s face on a fan’s arm with blue hair flowing into actual waves, and wearing sunglasses that sport her iconic character “Dory” from Finding Nemo.

The tattoo is pretty dope, artistically sound, and definitely doesn’t hold up as “bad” compared to any of the tattoos shown later on in the segment- but your face on someone’s body forever is arguably a little jarring to see. Ellen’s reaction is the most “Ellen” thing possible with a light hearted, “No comment on that one.”

This isn’t the worst tattoo reaction to happen on Ellen- Scarlett Johanson gave a firm “Oh no” after Degeneres showed her an Avenger lover’s ink of the star’s face. On the other hand- Megan Thee Stallion thinks that tattoos of her are some hot girl shit. Who knows, maybe celebs will start getting their fan’s faces tattooed next?