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In the last several years, tattoo artists have come a long way in replicating tricky textures. For instance, you see plenty of holographic sticker, paint smear and glitter tattoos all over social media these days. It takes both technique and artistry to perfectly replicate a texture, with both coming into play into executing embroidery tattoos. Embroidery tattoos, also known as patch tattoos, have grown wildly in recent years. We've seen them crop up in studios around the world and the potential for unique designs is limitless.

The fun thing about embroidery tattoos is that when done well, the image is clear and readable. An artist creates a tattoo that looks like it was literally sewn into the skin or ironed on like a denim jacket. And what could be more fun than that? Seriously, there are many artists who've made embroidery tattoos their specialty and have even combined their pieces with other styles to create images that literally pop off of the skin.

Take a look at the gallery below to check out 80 of our absolute favorite embroidery tattoos from talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite tattoo of the bunch, or if you'd get an embroidery tattoo for yourself, in the comments section on social media.