While there will always be only one Dita, it appears the proclaimed Queen of Burlesque has a heavily tattooed younger sister. Although there is no blood relation, Texan burlesque performer Emma Vauxdevil is the spitting image of the classic pin-up. With her jet black curls, milky white skin and seductive brown eyes, Vauxdevil perfectly embodies Von Teese's signature look, but her tattoos are what sets the pair apart.

Vauxdevil is a fire and burlesque performer who primarily entertains in Houston and Dallas. She has an extensive repertoire of impressive performance skills up her tattooed sleeves, including swallowing swords while wearing pointe shoes.

When she's not teasing audiences with her seductive moves or perfecting her next costume, Vauxdevil is an avid gamer who streams on Twitch. Her favorite games to stream are The Council and Observer.

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