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"Epic" has to be, by far, the most overused word within the tattoo community. Every time somebody finishes a back tattoo, no matter how interesting the tattoo is, someone on the internet proclaims it to be epic. It's annoying. 

That's why you should understand the full gravity of the situation when we say that Napoli forward Matteo Politano has an epic back tattoo. We don't use this word lightly. Hell, we even cringe a little by using the word. But... damn. This is epic. 

Now, there are a whole bunch of circumstances that led to us deeming this tattoo "epic." Firstly, just look at it. It's an insanely well done back piece. Secondly, let's consider that this tattoo is on the back of an athlete. Athletes, despite all of their resources, tend to get crappy tattoos. For every Matteo Politano there are 10 Artur Borucs. The athlete factor kicks things up a notch. Lastly, according to his Instagram post, tattooer Valentino Russo finished this tattoo in only eight hours! That's insane. If somebody walked up to me and said that they had their entire back tattooed in eight hours, I'd fully expect the tattoo to be a hot mess worthy of Sucky Tattoos. 

What we're looking at here is a true rarity. This is a well-executed, massive tattoo on a professional footballer. That's why we're breaking out our least favorite word... because it actually applies here.