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While an artist can ensure that a tattoo will look beautiful and crisp when it is freshly packed into the skin, from the last line on it’s the responsibility of the collector to maintain their art over time. From the sensitive healing process to the years of wear that dulls down your ink, it’s important to care for your tattoos throughout your lifetime. But the big question is: “What’s the best way to care for a tattoo?” Well, we’ll let the experts at Professional Blends answer that.


We stumbled across this brand at the Philadelphia Tattoo Convention and were blown away by their product line. Professional Blends is the latest and greatest wellness brand to hit the market and they’re committed to creating quality products with 100% natural, vegan-friendly ingredients. They’ve recently launched a revolutionary tattoo aftercare line, which aids in healing and protecting tattoos throughout three distinctive stages of wear.

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The first product in Professional Blend’s aftercare line is its Crucial Stage Blend. This product “is specially formulated to focus on the initial topical healing of your tattoo... and designed to kick start the skin’s ability to regenerate, combat infection, reduce inflammation, and thwart the scabbing that can lead to ink discoloration.” This blend is packed with all natural ingredients like Apricot, Coconut, Dill, Marjoram, Niaouli, and Thyme—and its recommended for use three days into the healing process, four times a day for four weeks.


Once you’ve soaked up the benefits of the Crucial Stage Blend, it’s time to move on to step 2. Not only is Professional Blends devoted to aiding the sensitive healing process, but they’ve created products for maintaining the longevity of your ink. The Deep Healing Blend was crafted to “enhances the body’s ability to regenerate, encouraging the necessary antibodies and blood flow…in turn, aiding the body in ridding itself of harmful toxins that may be caused by tattoo ink.” This product is designed to be used after the completion of step one, four times per day for three months. Like step one, this blend contains all natural ingredients such as grapefruit, nutmeg, rosehip, clementine, and grapeseed. 


Last, but certainly not least, we’ve made our way to step 3, also known as the Daily Care Blend. This blend of essential oils, which includes basil, frankincense, valerian, hemp, and avocado, “is designed to continually hydrate, moisturize, and nourish the skin to ensure that your tattoo remains beautiful for years to come.” Professional Blends recommend that users implement this product into their daily skincare routine after the completion of step 2 in order to maintain vibrancy and clarity over time. 


Don’t wait another minute to care for your ink, because both time and tattoos are precious. You won’t believe the benefits that essential oils can have on your ink until you give them a try, but let us be the first to say that you’re missing out and your tattoos aren’t getting any younger. And if you act now, you still have the chance to snag their Fresh Ink Starter Pack for just $74.95—that's almost $15 in savings!