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While most 22-year-olds are focused on graduating from college and entering the workforce, Ethan Bramble has a different goal in mind. This Australian currently holds the title for the most modified youth—with over 150 tattoos and 40 body modifications. Some of those modifications include eyeball tattoos, his belly button removed, subdermal implants in his hands, and a split tongue.

Bramble began his modification journey at the age of 11, by stretching his ears. At 13, Bramble began hanging around tattoo shops and at 17, he had his tongue split. Outside of collecting body modifications and tattoos, Bramble is a construction worker and is the father to an infant daughter.

What do you think of Ethan Bramble and his unconventional style of self-expression? Let us know your thoughts on this story and take a look at Bramble's interview with Barcroft TV below.