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"Everybody's Everything" is the long anticipated documentary sharing the gritty details of emo-rapper, Lil Peep's life. The film was released on November 12, and lives up to fan's expectations- it shows the darkness that Peep lived through and sang about. The film shows him from boyhood to near manhood, how his songs embodied his life, and exactly why fans love him. Lil Peep was a kid- in the truest sense of the word- who struggled with addiction and the hardships of life, and his music spoke to fans in a way that wasn't expected from a rap artist. He skyrocketed to fame, and then that very addiction took him away. 

Lil Peep's death hit his fans and friends hard- the man had a real impact on people, and many decided to commemorate him with ink. Even those who only know Lil Peep as "the emo-rapper with the face tattoos" can take away from the film that life is hard for everyone, and admire the effort Peep made to channel his demons into art. Here are 11 fans who were inspired by Lil Peep to channel his art and image into their own art.

The struggles Peep faced were struggles that most people can relate to, and that is why so many fans have decided to get his lyrics and portrait inked on their skin. Like his fans, he put his all into his art- and it's simultaneously beautiful and sad to watch his life open and end so quickly through the lens of the camera in "Everybody's Everything."