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He’s colorful, he’s cute and he’s trending on every major streaming site. Fat Nick has quickly become one of the most talked about artists in the game and he’s expected to have one of his biggest years yet. Known for collaborating with Pouya, Blackbear and $uicideBoys—he’s at the epicenter of the alt rap scene right now. We had the opportunity to sit down with the self-proclaimed ‘young, rich and handsome’ artist to learn about Generation Numb, the Fat Nick brand and his bond with the late Lil Peep.

Photo by Bradley Meinz

Photo by Bradley Meinz

How did you develop a personal relationship with Pouya and what led it to become professional?
Pouya and I met in the 7th grade. We went to the same middle school and we’ve been friends ever since. We were with each other every day and a few years down the road, we just started making music. And now we’re here!

You’ve become a part of a group of successful rappers who hail from Florida: Pouya, Ghostemane, Blackbear, Slump God, XXXTentacion etc. What about the Sunshine State creates this unique breed of talent?
Everyone’s just awesome from here, they have their own unique style and they own everything. It’s like one big extended family down here.

Photo by Bradley Meinz

Photo by Bradley Meinz

What impact did social media play in your come up and do you think it’s easier for today’s young musicians to build their brands?
Social media is the main key. It plays everything, from marketing to promoting. Everyone can see who you are and your persona, so people can relate to you. It is a billion times easier for musicians now to build brands and be seen or heard.

In addition to making connections with Pouya, you’re also well know for your relationship with Lil Peep. How did the two of you become acquainted?
My friend Mikey the Magician introduced me to Peep a few years back in LA. I had just moved here from Miami and I pretty much went straight to his house to pick him up. We talked about music, life, everything, and then months and months down the road him, Smokepurpp, Don Krez, Mikey and I went on tour together. He's my brother for life.

This year, you released an album called Generation Numb and went on a tour with the same name. What’s the significance of ‘Generation Numb’ and how does it impact you personally?
It’s like everyone’s numb to shit and a lot of the youth don't know how to talk about or handle emotions. They bottle them up and let them eat them alive. A lot of these kids have mental health issues and are scared to seek help or don’t understand what’s wrong. I walk in these shoes with them and I want them to know that I’ll always be here with them— so I named my tape that.


You’re known for having a distinctive physical aesthetic. How would you describe the Fat Nick brand and how has your style developed over time?

Awesome, it just keeps getting better and more crafted.

Do you have plans to lend your expertise into the fashion world and what would a Fat Nick collection look like?
Yeah, I want to become the biggest model ever and maybe bathing suits or winter clothes.

Over the years, you’ve become quite the tattoo collector. What was your first tattoo, what’s your favorite tattoo and what’s your most recent tattoo?

My first tattoo was this little stick-n-poke Death Wish logo I have on my left hand. I got it in my room by my homie when I was like 17. Favorite tattoo is my Lil Peep portrait on my arm that in a Precious Moments theme. And my most recent is tattoo is the YRH on my hand. You know me, young, rich and handsome

Where do you hope to be in one year, five years and ten years time?
On billboards charting with every song and just happy with my family.

What’s up next for Fat Nick and what can fans expect from you in 2019?
A lot more music and videos. Bangers and hits only, baby. And some other really cool shit like a food truck.

Photo by Bradley Meinz

Photo by Bradley Meinz