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Craig and Marc Wasserman, aka the Pot Brothers at Law, are California's award-winning criminal defense lawyers. They are also the only lawyers to outspokenly dab outside of the courtroom.

The Pot Brothers at Law’s mission is to end Cannabis Prohibition and educate U.S. citizens about their constitutional rights when dealing with law enforcement. This is why The Script to their Shut The Fuck Up™ Campaign has been gaining viral traction:

"Officer, why did you pull me over? Upon any questioning, "I’m not discussing my day. Am I being detained or am I free to go? If detained you say, "I invoke the 5th.

Then you SHUT THE FUCK UP! ™

Photography by Bridget Arias

Photography by Bridget Arias

The Wasserman brothers’ vision is to ensure that “all cannabis users, whether medicinal or for adult-use enjoyment, is to have safe and easy access to all types of cannabis products across the United States of America.”

Marc’s first time getting high was after finding a baggie in big brother Craig’s closet. Craig’s first time was finding it in his friend’s parents’ closet. The brothers’ combined years of smoking cannabis is 76, and they both agree that cannabis has improved their quality of life. Specifically with their Type A personalities.

“It evens me out. I am very high-energy,” Craig Wasserman said. “It keeps me on the cooler side, I think. Instead of turning to alcohol, anti-anxiety or anti-stress pills, it just seems to work without interfering with anything I’ve done, in terms of work or anything else.”

While the Wasserman brothers defend clients who are victims of cannabis discrimination, Marc says that he and Craig don’t see discrimination against them in the courtroom, whether it be from judges or other attorneys.

“Most of them are actually fascinated by it,” they said.

“We get asked if we are high when we go into court and we don't consider ourselves ever really high. We're properly medicated for what we need to do,” Marc Wasserman said.

“There may be people who don’t want to come to us for representation because we smoke pot. Go to the attorneys that do the three-Martini lunch if that makes you feel any better, but we’re breaking that stigma and trying to educate.”

The Pot Brothers at Law had always advised their clients to Shut The Fuck Up, but had started their Instagram account to reach California cannabis patients, as they were “seemingly getting messed with the most by law enforcement.”

As the Wassermans were coming up with the best and easiest way to give people a means to speak to law enforcement without incriminating themselves, they have honed in on the 25 words that make up The Script.

Photography by Bridget Arias

Photography by Bridget Arias

“The basic theory is to shut the fuck up when cops ask questions,” Marc said. “We soon found that people around the country were saying they used it in all sorts of different situations, realizing, hey, this isn’t just for cannabis. This is for everybody.”

Then, this past Christmas, their Shut The Fuck Up Friday video was re-posted by NowThis Weed and Roger Stone, and soon after, by P. Diddy and Snoop Dogg, and Barstool Sports.

Over a three-and-a-half-year period, Pot Brothers at Law had amassed more than 300k followers.

“We just did the Michael Rapaport podcast, we have three other podcasts we're doing and you know, were interviewed by CBS News and different outlets like that,” Marc said. “It's just kind of taken on a life of its own.”

The importance of The Script is to help citizens engage with law enforcement, in a way that protects your rights while preventing escalation with police and any type of violence.

“If the police are talking to you, that means they don’t have enough to arrest you. Otherwise you’d be arrested,” Craig, who feels his tattoos make him more intimidating in the courtroom, said. “The only thing you can help them do is fuck yourself.”

Marc added, “We live in America, not in Nazi Germany or from somewhere else where law enforcement can do whatever they want and you have no rights. We live in a country where you have the right to not incriminate yourself. It's not for you to tell the cop where you’re going.”

Photography by Bridget Arias

Photography by Bridget Arias

While The Script protects the safety of you and the officer, it also deters from corruption within a potential arrest.

“If something does happen, and you follow The Script, the cop is not going to be able to say that they were afraid for their life. That's why the cop always gets off for shooting someone because they're able to say that,” Marc said. “By using The Script, we're taking that power away from them. God forbid something happened, and you really did what we said, that cop is going to go to jail for the rest of his life.”

The Wasserman brothers’ FM radio talk show, Cannabis Talk 101, is used as another platform for them to educate and get cannabis’ medical benefits out to the masses.

“It needs to come off Schedule 1. The notion that there's no medicinal value is asinine. People that want to turn a blind eye because they grew up being told it's just a drug, or a gateway drug, don’t realize it’s really an exit drug,” Marc said. “It’s an exit drug for people who are on opiates or are addicted to heroin and meth, or all of the other BS pills they give you to try to get you off the other pills. Cannabis is all you really need.”

Craig added, “When I decided to stream with little brother and smoke a doobie everyday [on Instagram], it was to break the stigma, to say that you can be very successful and smoke cannabis everyday."

“It's not the cannabis that's making you lazy," he said. "You're just lazy and happen to smoke it.”

Keep up with the Wasserman brothers on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and stream Cannabis Talk 101, at 101.5 FM