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As a tattoo artist, it's not every day that you get the opportunity to tattoo a celebrity. It's even more uncommon that you have the opportunity to tattoo them while traveling on a private plane. However, for one lucky artist, that's exactly what fate had in store for them. Take a look at the gallery below to learn more and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section on Facebook. 

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Maluma is a 24-year-old Colombian reggaeton singer who has had several hits on the top 100 Latin charts and has won a Latin Grammy. He's also an avid tattoo collector and has received a number of pieces from Perú's Stefano Alcantara. 

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Alcantara has tattooed a number of large scale black-and-grey pieces on Maluma, including an angel on his right arm. However, he recently got one of his boldest pieces yet while taking a trip on a private plane.

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Recently, Maluma and Alcantara boarded a private plane, with the tattooer giving the singer a brand new piece while flying 43,000 ft in the air. We had the opportunity to speak with Alcantara exclusively about the tattoo and his prior experiences inking the Colombian star.

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How did you meet Maluma?

Alcantara: He messaged me like any other person on Instagram. That was the way we had our first contact and he didn't have a manager message me. He was very down-to-earth, which I learned later on when I met him.


What have you tattooed on Maluma so far?

The first one that I did was four elephants on his forearm. This was a really meaningful piece because it symbolizes his family. This was also the same time that he released a very famous song that is called "Felices los 4," which means the four of us are very happy. Then, I did a reflection of a family in water with the elephants. Then I did an angel on the other side with a guardian angel behind it that represents him. I've also done a couple of dates on his wrist of very important events in his life. And now I did the dove, which was the tattoo done at 43,000 ft.


What is the symbolism behind the dove?

The dove means peace. The first idea that he wanted was for it to represent piece, but it was also flying so it was a coincidence that we did it in the air. We were talking about it while we were tattooing that the sky's the limit, which has a deeper meaning in his career. It was a great moment to get that tattoo.


And where were you flying to when you tattooed Maluma?

Actually, it was a coincidence. I was in Puerto Rico for the tattoo convention and he was playing two shows there. We are good friends and we talk here and there, but he said "You're in Puerto Rico? I'm in Puerto Rico too, when are you coming back?" I told him I was coming back very late at night on Sunday and he said "Oh, I'm leaving the night of Sunday too, do you want to come with me?" So we went to Miami together. I live in Fort Lauderdale, so it's super close. It was a great opportunity to make a tattoo on his plane.

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How long did the tattoo take?

It probably took an hour, an hour and change maybe. 

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Was it difficult tattooing in a plane?

Actually, I was expecting it to be difficult because it was in a plane and there can be turbulence. But because of the altitude there weren't clouds or anything, so it was the smoothest flight I've ever had in my life. It was like I was in my studio and it was very comfortable. Everything played in our favor.

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Is there anything else that we should know about Maluma or the tattoos that you've done on him that you haven't mentioned yet?

It was a great experience and I like that he trusts me 100% with his tattoos. I freehanded the tattoo because he wanted it in a specific position that I wasn't able to find online as a reference. And he changed it up right on the spot, so I had to freehand it with no reference. 

What can I say, he's one of the most humble super stars that I've ever met. He could be a different way, but he's one of the most down-to-earth people. He invited me to a charity event not too long ago. He has a foundation and I think that more people should do that. Also, for his young age he is very mature in that way.


What do you think about Maluma's new tattoo? What would you do if a celebrity asked you to join them in their private plane? Share your thoughts, opinions and questions in the comments section on Facebook.