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Lil Xan has some incredibly dedicated fans… dare we say, ink-redibly?

The Xanarchy Gang is so strong in fact, that Lil Xan fans are getting his tattoos. One fan in particular, who goes by @high.xanxiety on Instagram, has transformed his face to look like the 22-year-old rapper, by replicating all of his tattoos. Yes, all.

Along with his previous "ZZZ Lover" tattoo, and Lil Xan’s dots along the bridge of his nose, @high.xanxiety recently inked the dripping teardrops tattoo. “New tattoo...xanarchy gang forever!! i love you @xanxiety,” he wrote in the caption along with breaking heart emojis.

Lil Xan even gave a shout out to @high.xanxiety, writing in the caption, “My supporters are so dope! @high.xanxiety s/o to you for being part of this cult fanbase i love all my fans to pieces.”

While Lil Xan's love may be enough for this fanboy, the hate comments are insane. 

One commenter, under the Instagram handle @bradybrand91 writes, "Fucking idiot. Just know kid you're deadass a loser. And I never say that about someone but this is the epitome of being a whole L. Sad that you cant find your own identity. Your going to look ridiculous as you age."

Another writes, "You got some dudes moms name tattooed on your face."

@safalljahsehily adds, "He’s probably going to steal @xanxiety identity be xan lock xan up put him in a closet and take his girl you betta watch out @xanxiety 😨😬"

However, some are showing support of @high.anxiety's dedication. @trap_chef writes, "Bringing back the warped tour bodysuit for 2019, I love it."

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