The internet is not holding back the hate for this Super Fan's dedication... but will Lil Xan's approval be enough?

Lil Xan has some incredibly dedicated fans… dare we say, ink-redibly?

The Xanarchy Gang is so strong in fact, that Lil Xan fans are getting his tattoos. One fan in particular, who goes by @high.xanxiety on Instagram, has transformed his face to look like the 22-year-old rapper, by replicating all of his tattoos. Yes, all.

Along with his previous "ZZZ Lover" tattoo, and Lil Xan’s dots along the bridge of his nose, @high.xanxiety recently inked the dripping teardrops tattoo. “New tattoo...xanarchy gang forever!! i love you @xanxiety,” he wrote in the caption along with breaking heart emojis.

Lil Xan even gave a shout out to @high.xanxiety, writing in the caption, “My supporters are so dope! @high.xanxiety s/o to you for being part of this cult fanbase i love all my fans to pieces.”

While Lil Xan's love may be enough for this fanboy, the hate comments are insane. 

One commenter, under the Instagram handle @bradybrand91 writes, "Fucking idiot. Just know kid you're deadass a loser. And I never say that about someone but this is the epitome of being a whole L. Sad that you cant find your own identity. Your going to look ridiculous as you age."

Another writes, "You got some dudes moms name tattooed on your face."

@safalljahsehily adds, "He’s probably going to steal @xanxiety identity be xan lock xan up put him in a closet and take his girl you betta watch out @xanxiety 😨😬"

However, some are showing support of @high.anxiety's dedication. @trap_chef writes, "Bringing back the warped tour bodysuit for 2019, I love it."

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