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One of the oddest things about being a celebrity must be the fact that fans regularly get your face permanently inked onto their bodies. I mean, imagine people just walking up to you to show you a tattoo they have of your face? And god forbid you don't necessarily like your face. 

But what about the fans that have your face in a really... intimate zone? That's exactly what happened to Ryan Reynolds during an interview with CinePOP, when the editor revealed that he had gotten a Deadpool tattoo on his ass. 

Reynolds called the tattoo sweet, but his eyes get wide and he shakes his head no the second he sees the tattoo. It's pretty funny honestly, and just awkward enough to make the entire room laugh. 

Reynolds is touring for his new Netflix movie 6 Underground, and obviously meeting some very interesting journalists along the way. Who knows, maybe ass tattoos are the best ways to start interviews with celebs.