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This year has not been what everyone was hoping it would be. And if it was, then you have some messed up priorities. We’ve faced challenges never seen in our lifetimes and made sacrifices to have some semblance of normalcy. And while the holiday season is different this year, it’s still the one time a year people are encouraged to go balls to the wall with every last bit of tinsel they own. And, if you’re anything like my family, your house looks like Christmas threw up all over, with no inch to spare! 

While we all celebrate this time of the year differently, I am confident we all use similar decorations to make our homes festive for the holidays. From poinsettias to liven up the room with their vibrant red and green colors to snow globes risking shattering from high countertops to the bright lights scattered around your neighborhood looking like they belong in “National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation,” these decorations are a tradition we share in common despite our differences.

In celebrating these centuries longed traditions, We found the best tattoos to help make your holidays just a little brighter. Let us know on social media what your favorite holiday decoration/tradition is.

Christmas Lights



Candy Canes


Snow Globes