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We're well aware that it sounds cliché at this point, but there really is a perfect song for every single situation in life. Even before movie soundtracks drilled the idea into our minds, we've been using music to set the tone of our daily lives. Everybody has a playlist for when they hit the treadmill, for when they're hoping to get a little romantic and, unfortunately, for when that attempted romantic interlude goes wrong. 

As we find ourselves amid a global pandemic in a world filled with all types of uncertainty, many of us just want to turn something up to maximum volume and scream into the void. If that's what you're looking for, we've got the perfect song for you—Fight The Fade's "Cut & Run." 

Fight the Fade wastes no time in letting you know they're here for business as the track hits you in the chest with a crushing wall of sound almost immediately. The scene is set when vocalist Zene Smith belts out the opening lines: "I'm at a crossroads/Don't know which way to go/But you can bet you won't/Catch me standing here forever."  

"Cut & Run has gone through several transformations, and I think what we ended up with was the best of them all," the band explains. "It’s a song about stepping into the unknown and finding yourself, and your purpose." 

"Cut & Run" is the first single from Fight The Fade since signing to the artist-owned FiXT label in late 2020. The band is working on an upcoming album and they shall be releasing more singles throughout 2021. This track is being included on the label's "FiXT: Radium" anthology, a collection of songs fusing electronic music with cutting-edge rock and metal. 

"Cut & Run" is available for purchase/stream here.  

Listen to "Cut & Run" as well as the rest of the fantastic "FiXT: Radium" anthology here. 

Now that you've heard the song, throw it on repeat and check out this gallery featuring members of Fight The Fade showing off some of their ink.  

Vocalist Zene Smith

Zene 01
Zene 02

Guitarist Bryan Conway

Bryan 05
Bryan 03
Bryan 02
Bryan 01

Guitarist Tyler Simpson

Tyler 02
Tyler 01