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Flexibility, important in relationships in terms of emotional intelligence as well as sexual physicality. When speaking of the latter, we're talking about the relationship between muscles and joints. People become more flexible by increasing their muscle elasticity through dynamic and static stretching. Each person is born with varying levels of flexibility, however, through training and dedication someone can become more flexible than they were before. Many sports require flexibility, including dance, gymnastics, figure skating and yoga. Injury is very common when trying to increase flexibility, as many people stretch incorrectly or go beyond their bodies limits. Flexibility takes many years of hard work and persistence, making those who've achieved hypermobility all the more impressive.

There are plenty of influencers who are extremely flexible and some of them also have impressive tattoo collections. These 10 tattooed women maintain their flexibility through a variety of exercises, from pole dancing to contortion to circus to yoga. They not only express themselves through their beautiful body art, but through the impressive poses that their body can achieve. Take a look at some of the most flexible women modeling in the tattoo world right now and let us know your thoughts on our list in the comments section on social media.

Rachel Fit




Bethany Finlay


Bendable Girl

Jill Hardner

Renata Drummond

Kickass Yoga