The "Florida Man" meme started as a way to make fun of the ridiculous headlines that the state regularly puts out- "Florida Man Threatens to Kill Man With 'Kindness,' Uses Machete Named 'Kindness" or "Florida Man Finds a WWII Grenade, Places It in His Truck, Drives to Taco Bell" are just two out of thousands. Recently, it was discovered that President Donald Trump- a lifelong New Yorker- has filed paperwork stating Florida as his permanent address. It's thought that this move has something to do with Florida's lack of income tax, though it could also be because Trump already spends so much time and money traveling to and from Mar-a-lago. Either way, he's leaving New York.

Trump tweeted a series of announcement about the move and the reasoning for his change of residence. Shortly after his announcement, #FloridaMan was trending.

To many New Yorkers- including Governor Cuomo and Mayor De Blasio- the president's move is welcomed. To almost all of Twitter, Donald Trump makes their ideal Florida Man and this relocation seems too good to be true for die-hard memers. 

Does it matter if the president is moving to evade taxes? Of course. But that doesn't mean that the location of the move isn't remotely chuckle worthy in terms of today's meme culture. So, in celebration of the ridiculousness of 2019, here are some wild "Florida Man" headlines.

"Florida Man Attempts To Outrun Police Car in a Golf Cart"

I mean, it's pretty straight forward. Some Florida Man thought he could evade the police on a golf cart. He was wrong, and was caught.


"Florida man feeds pet iguana to alligator in Florida Jail Zoo"

Apparently Florida jail has zoos, and this man decided that he should feed his pet iguana to one of the alligators in that zoo.

"Florida man with badly waxed eyebrows runs around screaming 'I’m on something”

Anthony Tarantino was sweating, banging on shop doors, and couldn't stand up straight when police were called to the scene due to Tarantino screaming "I'm on something." What was he on? Who knows, but whatever it was it took him for a wild ride.

"Florida Man threatens N-A-S-T-Y MFer for not flushing toilet"

Florida Man in this article threatened another man by pointing a machete at him after he failed to flush the toilet. He also provided a written statement which said "Shit happens," automatically making him an icon. Florida Man also claimed that the incident was self defense, but failed to show what he was defending himself from- again, iconic.

"Florida Man performs DIY castration on man with eunech fetish in the most nuts story of the year"

Florida Man 1 preformed a castration on Florida Man 2, calls police, and tells them that he botched up the procedure after the men had met on a eunech site. Eunech fetishism is the sexual desire to be castrated or to castrate somebody. Thankfully both men are okay, though the castrator is in jail awaiting his trial. The entire process was filmed- let's hope that video never ever sees the light of day. 

"Florida Man seeing the writing on the wall, walks out of courthouse B4 jury returns with verdict"

This Florida Man fully left the building because he decided that he just didn't need to hear his guilty sentence. He just got up and left while the jury was deliberating, and he stayed gone for two whole weeks before he was found and brought back to prison. 

"Florida Man With No Eyebrows Or Class Tries To Extort Over $8,000 From UK Woman"

In this trial Florida Man has no eyebrows, yet he has the audacity to feel that he holds enough power to blackmail women. He tried to blackmail a woman from the U.K. into giving him eight thousand dollars, and managed to get her suspended from work because he was filing false reports. Keep it kosher, Florida Man.

And finally, to take the cake "Masked Florida Man terrorizes community in rash of public masturbation attacks"

This Florida Man is going up to women and jerking it in front of them, which is gross and not an okay or legal thing to do. We apologize to all the Florida women who have to deal with this Florida Man, we hope he's caught soon.

So good luck to POTUS, perhaps he will find his kin in the beautiful, sunshine state of Florida. Though the president may come and go, Florida Man will always provide us with the most amusing headlines.