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Every person's pain threshold is different. This means that one part of the body might be more painful for one individual than another. For example, I got a large sternum tattoo last summer. For me, the most painful part of the tattoo was the outline in the middle of my sternum. Other people who have a tattoo in this spot say the ribs are the worst part, it all depends on your body.

One part of the body that's known to be uncomfortable across the board is the feet. The feet don't have a ton of cushion, by muscle or fat, meaning that you're getting tattooed right on the bone. This is a very different sensation than getting a piece on a fleshy part of the body, say the thigh or the bicep. Because of this, many people abstain from getting their feet tattoo.

But, there are still plenty of people who get this body part inked and for that, we salute you. It's certainly no cake walk but the end result is totally worth it. Take a look at the gallery below to check out some of our favorite foot tattoos from talented artists around the world. Then let us know if you have your feet tattooed in the comments section on social media.