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If you tattoo your forehead, you have some serious balls. In the Western World, face tattoos are still considered fairly extreme by mainstream standards. There are ways to get a face tattoo that's more subtle, such as hiding it on the side of your temple. But unless you have bangs, there's really no hiding a forehead tattoo. Forehead tattoos appear frequently throughout many indigenous cultures, for example many Inuit women receive hand poked forehead tattoos which resemble a bird in flight. These tattoos are considered to be markings of belong, as they unify individuals of specific tribes. We can also see forehead tattoos in Mäori culture, as many of the chiefs receive hand-tapped pattern work to represent their high social status.

We see many high status individuals rocking forehead tattoos in today's Western world— as they've recently become pretty popular with celebrities. Celebrities such as Post Malone, Amber Rose, Lil Wayne and of course, the infamous 6ix9ine. This has likely inspired the rise in forehead tattoos amongst everyday people, a trend that's grown year by year.

In honor of the rich, international history of forehead tattoos, take a look at 50 phenomenal forehead tattoos from talented artists around the world. Then let us know if you'd consider getting a forehead tattoo in the comments section on social media.