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When it comes to animal tattoos, you can't go wrong with a fox. Foxes are small to medium sized omnivores who inhabit every continent aside from Antarctica. There are twelve species known to be true foxes or Vulpes, which include the Bengal fox, the Blanford's fox, the Cape fox, the Corsac fox, the Tibetan Sand fox, the Arctic fox, the Kit fox, the Pale fox, the Rüppell's fox, the Swift fox, the Red fox and the Fennec fox. The most common species of fox is the Red fox, which contains around 47 different subspecies. Red foxes can have many different color morphs including red, silver, grey, platinum and amber.

Over the years, many foxes have made an impression on popular culture. Some of our favorite examples are Robin Hood of Disney's "Robin Hood," Tod of "The Fox and the Hound," Foxy Fox of "Fantastic Mr. Fox" and Nick Wilde of "Zootopia." In honor of all the famous foxes in television and film, take a look at 75 of our favorite fox tattoos from some of the most talented tattoo artists around the world. Then let us know your favorite tattoo from this list in the comments section on social media.