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One of the best ways to celebrate Christmas is with Frank Sinatra, and one of the best ways to celebrate Frank Sinatra's birthday is with a portrait tattoo of the OG bad boy.

Sinatra is loved for quite a few reasons, the first obviously being his music. His smooth jazz was the earliest of its kind, and even became some of the most popular Christmas tunes, including the staple "Have Yourself a Merry Christmas." Sinatra is adored because he was attractive, musically gifted, a bad boy, and an activist- and he's so loved that people get tattoos of him to this day. 

Sinatra was eventually accused by the FBI of organized crime and draft dodging, and his mug-shot became infamous. He was arrested for crimes of adultery and seduction, but eventually all of the charges were dropped leaving Sinatra with nothing but a sexy mugshot. 

Sinatra was a huge civil rights activist during his lifetime, which is another reason he is still so admired. He would often make sure to credit any black artists he was inspired by or liked to listen to, and he was extremely supportive of Jewish causes during the holocaust. 

Which Sinatra tattoo is your favorite?