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Remember back in the day when you would sit in front of the TV and play Tetris for hours on an old NES? There was something about the music that got you into the zone, it made you become one with the blocks and line after line would fall. 

These days our games are a little more complicated, so they require something beyond a midi earworm. League of Legends esports player and founder of G2 Carlos "Ocelote" Rodriguez has collaborated with some tremendously talented metal musicians to create the gaming earworm of the future with "Our Way." 

In addition to Rodriguez handling the vocals the band consists of Jason Richardson (Chelsea Grin, Born of Osiris, All Shall Perish) on guitar, Luke Holland (Falling In Reverse, Starset, The Word Alive) on drums with additional vocals by Battle Beast's Noora Louhimo. The track also features the work of renowned string players Tina Guo on the cello and Taylor Davis on the violin. 

We could tell you about how great the song is, but you don't want that. You want to crank up the speakers and watch the video, don't you? Well, here you go!