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It was 2010 when Leslie Knope, aka Amy Poehler, announced via NBC comedy series Parks And Rec that February thirteenth is Galentines day. Galentines day, if you couldn't deduce, is the day dedicated to your gal pals. Your girl gang, your tribe, whatever you may call them these are the ladies who you rely on during those shit moments in life. 

These might be some of the only people you even consider getting matching tattoos with, and honestly they might be some of the only people to last a lifetime. So in celebration of your girl gang, how about some bestie tats? Not only are these tattoos more reliable than name tattoos, they are cute and might inspire your own BFF tattoo. So for the girls who are spending Valentine's day together, here are some pretty sick tattoos you can get inspired from for next year. 

The fun thing about bestie tattoos is their ability to be customized to your specific friendship. You like tattoos of hands? Cool, make them look like your hands and nails. If you share a favorite food or snack, try getting a simple clean outline of the packaging or dish. 

Basic black outlines look good with almost any design, making them a great option for matching tattoos. There's no worry about color or shading, and they hold up!

Simple animal tattoos can be a wildly cute way to make your friendship skin-permanent. They are easily customized (major points with BFF tattoos), and they can be made as complex or simple as desired.

Would you get a girl gang tattoo?