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The film "Uncut Gems" starring Adam Sandler was released December 13th, and brings viewers through an adrenaline-filled attempt to pay down the main character's insane gambling debt through making riskier and riskier gambles. Adam Sandler plays the jeweler and gambling addict who is desperately trying to take control of his life again, yet always seems to fall short. 

In the film, Sandler looks like most men you can see in Manhattan gem stores—he's rocking the signature goatee and frameless glasses that New Yorkers know all too well. And like most people suffering from gambling addiction, he's frantic to pay off his gambling debts. 

Everyone likes shiny things, but if you aren't quite ready to live that underground-gem-seller life—you might be interested in looking at some gem-inspired tattoos. Gem tattoos are basically permanent jewelry, and they probably won't get you into quite as much trouble as Sandler is in the film. Here are some of our favorite gem tattoos to replace the real thing.

Who needs to buy a black diamond when you can get an insane tattoo that you never have to worry about losing?

The delicate and daintier the gem, the more it looks like jewelry.

But large gems make a statement that clearly says "luxury," and make it easier to see the intense detailing that goes into gem tattoos. 

No matter what size, gem tattoos are a strong but delicate addition to any ink collection—and they cause a lot fewer problems than dealing with black-market diamond dealers with gambling problems.