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xmas bottles

Drink and Be Merry

If you’re in the mood for an American whiskey with a Canadian twist, there’s no better liquor than Templeton Rye’s Maple Cask Finish. Bursting with spice and brimming with character, this drink was made for sipping around the fire. If you want to travel halfway around the world from the comfort of your living room, look no further than Starward Two-Fold’s Double Grain Whiskey. This Australian spirit marries wheat and malted barley in one bottle, promising aromas of spiced vanilla and hints of red apple. For those craving a stiff one to ring in 2020, try out Tod & Vixen’s Dry Gin 1651. This spirit combines British sensibility with American mischief, crafted by leading industry experts. Last, but certainly not least, we’re proud to bring you the illustrious Crystal Head Vodka in the limited edition bone bottle. Distilled from the highest-quality Canadian corn, this spirit goes down silky smooth with a hint of sweetness.


Switch Gears

Attention Nintendo Switch fans: Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection is coming to a portable console near you. On December 6th, Assassin’s Creed: IV Black Flag and Rogue will be available for purchase with Switch-exclusive features—such as HD Rumble, motion-control aiming and a touchscreen interface.


Fancy Feet

Instead of buying the classic santa, snowman and reindeer socks for your loved ones this Christmas, opt for a stylish yet festive alternative. These ribbed gym socks are as cutting edge as they are comfortable, allowing joyous trendsetters to toast their tootsies over the fire while rewatching Elf for the 150th time. Grab these effortlessly cool socks on the Inked Shop today and surprise someone just in time for the Holidays.


Bud Naked

Stay warm and toasty this winter with your new favorite cannabis company, Bud Naked. Established in 2014, Bud Naked is home to Moon Rocks, top grade flower that has been dipped in CO2 live resin and bathed in CO2 powder, as well as top notch shatter, pre-rolls and cartridges. Whether you’re toking sativa, indica or a hybrid, your needs will be met by this “champions only” brand.  


Keepin' It Hot

Meeting lasting longer than your coffee can stay warm? Now you can bring your electronic mug to the meeting to show everyone that you mean business and have all day to play. Ember is here to change your life, introducing their temperature-controlled mug to keep your beverage at the temperature you like it. No more chugging your bean water just to make sure every last drop is warm, 'cus we are stepping into 2020 with hot drinks and hotter technology on our side. Go ahead, let Debrah ask all those questions. You just sip on your warm cuppa joe.


Sneaker Freaker

Simon “Woody” Wood has managed to compile every sneaker that you need to know about into one massive book. "The Ultimate Sneaker Book" is a culmination of Wood’s funny but knowledgeable writing style that readers have come to love from Sneaker Freaker Magazine, but offers everything one could want to know in one 650 page book. There are guides to brands, guides to styles, and then just the overall history that the book offers. It’s the one-stop-shop for any sneakerhead.


See You After the Slopes

Michael Bellino created the perfect bottle opener for ski enthusiasts and bundled-up snow bunnies alike, using discarded ski equipment to make furniture and home decor. Plus, these amazing eco-friendly bottle openers also double as a game! A great way to keep any party going and fully made in the USA—even if you’ve never been on the slopes—these will be a dope addition to your next holiday party.


Skywalker Reinstated

It's been 42 years since George Lucas brought us to a galaxy far, far away, and on December 20th the Star Wars Saga will finally come to a conclusion. Last time we saw The Resistance things looked pretty bleak, as they lost their entire fleet and were barely able to escape with Rey on the Falcon. JJ Abrams has returned to direct "The Rise of Skywalker," and hopefully he helps tie up all of the lose ends that have left fans crafting their own theories for the last two years. Most importantly, who exactly is the Skywalker referred to in the title? Is it Kylo Ren? Rey? C-3PO? The saga may be coming to a close, but The Force will be with you. Always.


Street Smart

Hit the streets with the hottest wheels on the market in 2020 with a MONZA BMX bike. Created with inspiration from classic BMX styles, Moza Bicycle Club flawlessly mixes classic components with new custom pad sets designed by world-renowned artists. The Swedish designed, Taiwan built brand offers rides in both 20' and 24' frames, as well as both chrome and black finishes for each of their models. So whether you’re young in age or at heart, you’ll enjoy cruising into the new year with a bike built to bring it.


Hot Headed

The temperature is dropping and so are our prices. We’ve got the latest style and brands on the Inked Shop, just in time for the holiday season. All of our outerwear accessories make excellent gifts for tattoo loving friends and family members, especially this extra soft beanie with edgy spiderweb patterning.


Girl -on-Girl

After a 10 year hiatus from our television screens, The L Word is back on our television screens. Old favorites Bette, Shane and Alice will be joined by fresh talent for Generation Q, a modern look at queer love in LA. So tune into your televisions on December 8th to witness the drama, heartbreak, friendship and love of Showtime’s favorite lesbian series.


Kick, Push and Coast

Lupe Fiasco might as well have been singing about the The Yoface by Bustin, for its "easy-scoop" tail, making it the easiest board you’ll ever ollie. Yoface was designed to be a hybrid-function skateboard for those who ride traditional boards, but want softer wheels and an easier push with the ability to speed and slide with ease.  Designed with a slightly wider nose, this Bustin' board gives you more control in your front foot during pushing and popping, while the slimmer rear creates easier transitions for your push foot to move on and off the board.  It also looks cool, if you like to look cool.


Even More Goodies!

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