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Kesha’s premiered her newest music video for her song “Raising Hell” and brought every single listener to church.

Kesha is nearly unrecognizable in her best Southern belle- almost Dolly Parton level- blonde, big wig, accentuated curves, and preacher-proper skirt suit. She brings us from her massive mansion breakdown to her church service, where she preaches about raising hell before you get up to heaven- so BRB while we all go wild for a minute or two. In the three and a half minute video Kesha manages to give a passionate service at church, upset her abusive husband, and attends said husband’s funeral all while being a picture-perfect wife.

The video continues Kesha’s previous anthem of freedom after allegedly being assaulted by a former producer and forced to work with him continuously by the label, Sony. After fans heard Kesha’s story of alleged sexual abuse from this producer, protests and outrage towards Sony became paramount, forcing the label to allow the Rainbow singer to no longer work with the producer. Her song “Praying” was her first song to be released after being freed from working with the producer, and it debuted on Rainbow- an album dedicated to the new chapter in Kesha’s life and career that is free from any alleged abuse.

“Raising Hell” is the first song to be premiered from the album High Road, which is to be released in January of 2020.