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Jessica Wilde is one of the top tattoo models, and stands out above the many Instagram models, as she’s built a career — and raised the bar for models — in the tattoo industry. With over 857,000 followers, her dedicated fan base love her updates. This one in particular, for her shoot on a light green ottoman while rocking black lingerie. Wearing a black long-sleeved sweater, letting it fall of her left shoulder, Wilde shows off her wildly beautiful ink.

While she has another series in red on her Instagram, taken from behind her as she posed in front of a mirror, Wilde proves to be red hot, even in black.

The model also spends her time on YouTube, and also works as a cosmetic tattoo artist. She has also collaborated with Merch Labs to come up with a hoodie design that features her last name. The black sweater reads, “Wilde” in all caps. The font features a floral background, and her name is inside a bold rectangle.

Jessica Wilde’s Twitter feed tends to be photo-heavy, but she tweets out her thoughts every once in a while. Around her birthday in September 2018, she noted that she was getting some trolls commenting on her birthday.

“I’ve been getting a heat on my 30th birthday YouTube video. A lot of mean comments about ‘hitting the wall’ let me just say, I am not here to be in my sexual prime for anyone. I am a human being aging just like the rest of us. Y’all need some love in your heart.”

Wilde’s supporters always stand behind the bombshell. One fan responded, “Girl I’ve watched that video like 4 times since you posted it, it’s SO ACCURATE and made me feel rly good about going through the same stuff! F*ck those dudes lol.”

It's clear we are going wild for Wilde, and INKED was lucky to have her in March 2015 The Pin-Up Issue, where she says, “Gracing the cover of INKED Magazine was the launch point of my modeling career”