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As the hours of the clock tick by painstakingly slowly on this work day, I'm stuck daydreaming of the weekend. With the weather finally getting nice I'm going to be grabbing the ol' sticks and hitting the golf course for 18 holes of utter aggravation and misery. The thought occurred to me that I could write a little thing about golf tattoos, but the naysayer that lives in my brain told me it was a ridiculous idea. 

How many golf tattoos can there even be? You don't see a lot of guys walking up the 18th fairway of Augusta while sporting full sleeves of American Traditional. And if we're being completely honest, golf has a reputation for being a little snooty, so I assumed the pickings would be slim. 

I was pleased to learn, as you'll see in the below gallery of golf tattoos, that I was incredibly wrong. It turns out that there are a lot of people like me who snuggle into the middle point of the Venn diagram between tattoos and golf. You would think that a tattoo journalist such as myself wouldn't have made the assumption that golfers hate tattoos, particularly given how many of the articles I end up writing contain some commentary against stereotypes tattooed folks face. 

Anyway, golf. What a completely idiotic waste of time this sport is. But, it's also one of the most compelling and enjoyable ways to spend a beautiful day. And it is right there where the allure is for me. Hitting a horrible shot into the rough is completely maddening, sinking a 25 foot putt is pure ecstasy. Golf is so challenging, both physically and mentally, but also completely relaxing. It maintains a great balance of yin and yang, giving a well-played round a feeling akin to meditation. 

Of course, I don't actually know what a well-played round feels like. My outings are filled with driving the cart at max speed, downing copious amounts of adult beverages and muttering such explicit language under my breath it would make even the saltiest sea dog blush. Yet I keep going back and I guarantee every other golfer understands this exact feeling. 

In a way it's like tattoos. You hurt yourself over and over, but it is so worth it. Anyways, check out this gallery of awesome golf tattoos. There's not a bogey in the bunch. Enjoy.