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From cocoa butter-based paints and multiple layers of modeling chocolate, fondant and marzipan, Annabel de Vetten makes gory, anatomically-correct cakes of your horror dreams. While she studied sculpture and taxidermy in college, it wasn't until she made her own wedding cake that she made the leap to bake professionally.


Out of UK-based cake shop Conjurer's Kitchen, Annabel de Vetten tells Insider that if she didn't bake cakes that look like rotting corpses and bloody, severed limbs, her friends would be seriously concerned.


"That's just who I am," de Vetten added. "My friends and family would probably be really worried if I started making cute, pink cakes — they'd probably think I'd lost my mind!"

De Vetten didn’t make a dessert creation to this scale until she created a magic-themed cake for her own wedding in 2010.

"Our wedding cake was magic-themed and fairly plain really," she said. "I always say it's the least impressive but the most important. Without that one, there would be no Conjurer's Kitchen. But I'm seriously thinking of renewing our vows next year for our 10th anniversary and finally make us a proper kickass cake!"


Like a tattoo artist, de Vetten usually starts with a sketch of what she wants the creation to look like before she starts. Then, she builds the structure (base then interior) of the cake, and adds gory-looking details with modeling chocolate. For the final touches, she paints with cocoa butter-based edible paint. According to the marzipan master, a typical cake usually takes around 30 hours to make from start to finish.

"I made our wedding cake and thought, 'Huh, that's kind of fun!'" she said. "More and more people started asking if I could make them cakes, and it sort of snowballed from there."


De Vetten and her creepy cakes will soon be making their way to the US.

Although currently based in the UK, horror and sugar fans can purchase these pastries on her Etsy page before she relocates to Los Angeles in 2020 to open a bakery.

See more of de Vetten's badass baked goods on the Conjurer's Kitchen website.