Luxury clothes, bright patterns, bubble baths, 70’s throwbacks, ridiculous grandeur, and rapper Gucci Mane- Gucci is giving it all for the upcoming 2020 Spring/Summer season.

It’s taken forever, but Gucci has finally partnered with Gucci Mane for their 2020 campaign and the duo is just as over-the-top as we could hope. The theme of the campaign is #ComeAsYouAre_RSVP and Gucci Mane came as exactly as he is- extra AF.

It’s a surreal spread featuring Mane in a bubble bath, at a pool party, and just generally having an over-the-top time at some mansion with Sienne Miller and Iggy Pop. The collection has a strong 70’s vibe with mismatched prints, earthy tones, patterned tights, and chunky shoes sported around a pimped out house party attended by the seemingly elite. And in the middle of that party is Gucci Mane’s bright, smiling face.

Gucci Mane uno

It looks like a party out of your parent’s fever dream with Iggy wearing booty shorts and Miller isin fur. The party has everything you could need including dogs, balloons, and hats- plus Gucci Mane just seems like he would be fun to hang out with.

Gucci Mane mai fav eva

My personal favorite shot is of Gucci Mane smiling in a bubble bath holding a sneaker, but all of the photos are ridiculously screen-saver worthy.