While Lady Gaga took over the Oscars with her tattoos, we can’t forget about the celebrities that skipped out on the Oscars to get inked.

Hailey Baldwin stopped in to get tattooed by Jon Boy, and the internet is asking if it is the same design as Justin Bieber’s.

The diamond design is delicate, but absolutely killer. After all, a diamond is a girl’s best friend.

The two had gotten couples tattoos back in November, but this one is one of our favorites. Who needs a diamond ring, when the Baldwin-Bieber love can last as forever as a tattoo?

On the off chance they don’t, being so cute and teeny, Baldwin’s behind-the-ear tattoo is an easy cover up.

Hailey Baldwin’s tiny-tattoos list is wracking up, in a big way. Her other inkings include:

  1. roman numeral on her wrist
  2. name on her finger
  3. gun on her finger
  4. initial behind her ear
  5. writing on her hip
  6. portuguese writing on her ankle
  7. dots on her finger
  8. star on her finger
  9. writing on her neck
  10. broken heart on her finger
  11. writing on her finger
  12. number, writing on her finger
  13. heart on her ankle
  14. writing on her spine
  15. cross on her neck
  16. writing on her side
  17. chevron on her knuckle
  18. heart on her collarbone