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Just looking at Hailey Bieber, you might be surprised to learn that she's a tattoo lover. But upon closer inspection, you'll learn that she's the queen of teeny tiny tattoos. Hailey Bieber has over twenty tattoos, but they're all ultra small. She's visited some of the top micro tattooers in the country, notably JonBoy and Dr. Woo. Over the years, she's added a number of pieces to her collection and one of her favorite places to get tattooed is her hands.

Bieber has many tattoos on her fingers and hands, including several intricate pieces by Dr. Woo. Back in August of 2019, Woo revealed some delicate and intricate tattoos on Bieber's knuckles, which include beads, a rose, a moon, stars and other ornamental designs. These tattoos were inked in Woo's signature fine-line single needle style and one month later, Bieber returned to his studio for an intricate piece on her thumb.

Now, nearly one year later, Bieber returned to Woo for another addition to the piece. She opted for a series of arrows and dots on the side of her hand, which compliments her other pieces by Woo. Woo took to Instagram to reveal Bieber's new tattoo, writing: "Adding a bit more to the symbols on hand awhile back @haileybieber."

Only time will tell if Bieber will continue adding to her right hand or if she'll decide to ink up her left. However, it's safe to say that this tattoo lover isn't slowing down any time soon.