After Halsey got plenty of amazing tattoos in 2018, we had high hopes for her tattoo plans in 2019. And based on her first piece of the year, 2019 will be covered in impressive ink on the “Bad at Love” singer. Yesterday, she posted a photo to Instagram of an enormous rib tattoo featuring the likeness of one of the most controversial musicians of all time—the one and only Marilyn Manson.

The tattoo was crafted by Celia Dunne, an artist at Fifth Sanctum in Adelaide, Australia. Shortly after getting the tattoo, Halsey stopped by Sydney to perform alongside Yungblud and promote their new song “11 Minutes,” which also features Travis Barker. The rumor mill has speculated whether Halsey and Yungblud have more than a professional relationship, with many confirming the two as a couple after paparazzi spotted them canoodling in London back in January.

As for the new ink, fans are divided and many have brought up Manson’s past allegations of sexual harassment. However, Halsey has yet to comment on those claims and has kept the post live on her Instagram page while users speculate in the comments. 

While this may be the largest homage to a fellow musician that Halsey sports on her body, it’s far from the first. She has two pieces inspired by Norwegian electronic artist Lido, an homage to rapper Lil Wayne, and lyrics from the song “Loser” by Beck. Additionally, she’s received a number of tattoos from her own music, including the word “Hopeless” for her sophomore album, a music sheet featuring a melody from her song “Castle,” and the script “Heaven in Hiding” after her 2017 song.