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It wasn't all that long ago that hand tattoos were known as "job stoppers," which was a way to say that most employers wouldn't even consider hiring somebody with visible ink on their hands. While tattoos have become more accepted in society at large and in the workplace specifically, that doesn't mean that all prejudice against it has been eradicated. As such, getting hand tattoos is a pretty big deal. 

You can't really hide your hands. Unless you live in the most northern reaches of Alaska wearing gloves all year long isn't really an option. Hand tattoos require dedication and commitment. We always talk about how getting a tattoo is a lifelong commitment, and that's true, but especially so with hand tattoos. 

Thus there are three really important things to consider when you get your hands tattooed. 

1. Make sure you're ready for your life to change. Yes, we've been harping on this for three paragraphs already, but it is something you do really need to consider.

2. Really, really, really make certain that you are going to a reputable artist and that you're in love with the design. Beyond all the social ramifications, you're going to be looking at that hand tattoo for the rest of your life. Have you ever considered how many times you look at your hands on any given day? It's constant. I'm staring at my hands as I type this sentence because despite decades of writing on a daily basis, my typing accuracy leaves a lot to be desired. I gots to check in on those digits and make sure they're mashing the right keys or else my editor is going to chew me out. I cannot think of a single place on the body where your tattoo will be more visible, not necessarily to others, but definitely to yourself. 

3. You're going to have to earn this one. Hand tattoos are brutally painful. It doesn't matter if it's the palm, the top of the hand or the fingers, that shit is spicy. A couple of months back we made a video of a gentleman getting both of his hands tattooed at the same time and with no exaggeration it was the toughest thing I've ever seen a person endure

As long as you consider those three things, getting a hand tattoo can be a truly beautiful thing. We've collected a gallery of some of our very favorite hand tattoos down below for your viewing pleasure. Have fun!