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For quite some time, Hayden Panettiere was an oddity among her generation—a Hollywood actress without an active social media presence. That all changed on Sunday when the "Nashville" star made her Instagram account public. 

Panettiere made a flurry of posts in her first 24 hours, included among them was a picture of a tattoo on the back of her neck. 

Unfortunately, Panettiere didn't elaborate much on the tattoo, only letting us know that it was "newish." The tattoo depicts the Eye of Ra, which in Egyptian mythology represents the feminine counterpart to Ra, the sun god. The Eye goddess serves as mother, sister, daughter and cohort of Ra, acting independently but still very closely related to the sun god. The Eye of Ra can often be used to symbolize a mother who is very protective of her children. 

The tattoo seems to be a perfect fit for Panettiere, both aesthetically and symbolically.  

Panettiere has been on a break from Hollywood for quite some time, last appearing on screen in 2018. The emergence of this Instagram account can't help but fuel speculation that she may be looking to restart her career. Or maybe she just wants to have some fun on social media, not every thing a person does has to be a calculated career move, you know. 

That being said, we love the tattoo that Panettiere is showing off and we hope to see more from her going forward.