Every year, supermodel Heidi Klum pulls out all the stops when it comes to Halloween. She's earned the title of Halloween Queen for her unwavering dedication to the holiday, committing to elaborate looks that require teams of special effects makeup artists and costume designers. She's certainly set the bar high for herself, pulling out more tricks with every passing Halloween.

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This year, Heidi went full horror, spending 12 hours in the makeup chair in order to pull off a terrifying alien look. Her look was complete with full body prosthetics, which were hand painted by an all-star team of artists.

Heidi arrived to her own NYC party in a biohazard capsule, alongside her new hubby Tom Kaulitz, who came as an astronaut. Her look is extremely remniscent of the cenobites in 1987's Hellraiser, however, they haven't been confirmed as her inspiration.

At Klum's party, partygoers danced to the DJ set by Questlove while enjoying signature cocktails by SVEDKA Vodka including a “Till Death Do Us Party” poison bottle, a “Just My Blood Type” blood bag, and a spooky “Unmask Your Own Spirit” cocktail.

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