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Every single year the Christmas decorations seem to come out earlier and earlier. For example, Santa's abode was set up at my local mall three days before Halloween this year. That's pure insanity. There's so much Fall to enjoy, no reason to rush through it to get to Christmas. I don't mean to be channeling the Grinch here but it seems insane to decorate before Thanksgiving, let alone Halloween. But, what if, and hear me out on this, you never take your Christmas decorations down? 

The people in the following gallery love the holiday season so intensely that they live it all year long. This is the tattoo equivalent of leaving your elaborate light display on all year long, as there's a certain audacity involved. It's almost as if each of these tattoos is giving me the finger for being such a humbug about the whole thing. And I got to say, I respect it. 

I imagine that looking down at a holiday tattoo in the doldrums of Smarch is an easy way to lift one's spirits. It's impossible to avoid smiling while you're staring into the eyes of Ralphie as he chokes on a bar of Lifebuoy Soap. 

You'll find tattoos of The Grinch, Clark Griswold and a festive BB-8 in the gallery below, as well as many other holiday tattoos that will make even a curmudgeon feel a hint of joy. Grab a cup of hot cocoa and enjoy these holiday tattoos.