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In 2021, the internet can be a pretty scary place. Whether it's people fighting about politics on Twitter, people using social media as a tool for stalking/doxing people or the horror that can be found in the comment section of just about every article ever posted. 

It wasn't always that way. The internet used to be weird and whimsical. People were still trying to understand what exactly was going on, attempting to wrap their heads around the ability to a global audience with the click of a mouse. This led to people letting their creativity run wild, which led to some astonishingly strange creations. No site did this better than the immortal Homestar Runner. 

Homestar Runner was created by Matt and Mike Chapman, aka The Brothers Chap, back in 1996. The brothers were working in a book store and couldn't help but notice how boring most of the children's books were, so they decided to write their own. They wrote the titular main character as an excellent athlete who everybody loved, made a couple of copies for their friends and called it a day. They would create their first cartoon using Mario Paint a little later on but it wasn't until the explosion of Flash (you probably know Flash as the thing Google Chrome has been telling you would be removed on 1/1/21 for the last year) that their ideas found there way on to the internet. 

In 2000 the site was launched. The site featured a fun, interactive homepage with new cartoons being posted about once a week. Homestar was joined by a full cast of characters including Marzipan, Strong Bad, Strong Mad, Strong Sad, The Cheat, The King of Town, Coach Z and others. While Homestar was supposed to be the main character fans saw things a little differently as they latched on to Strong Bad, a potbellied gent always clad in a luchador mask and boxing gloves. But never a shirt. Ever. 

The most popular series of cartoons on the site featured Strong Bad answering his email. People would write in with questions for Strong Bad and he would respond in ludicrous ways, often teaming up with The Cheat (who is sort of a pet/best friend) to torment his brother Strong Sad. One of the most iconic of these featured the creation of the world's most famous dragon with a beefy arm hanging out of his back—Trogdor, the Burninator!

Trogdor celebrated his 18th birthday this week, so we decided to round up some of our favorite Homestar Runner tattoos for ya. So throw on your favorite techno song, start looking so good and enjoy this gallery of tattoos.