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Whether you live in the country, a suburb or an urban metropolis, house plants can brighten up any home. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of varieties of house plants. These plants range in size, color, shape and difficulty to care for. Some of the most popular house plants belong to the succulent family and in the wild, they're found in arid (also known as extremely water depleted) climates. Succulents are built for storing water in their leaves and stems, which often gives them a fleshy and engorged appearance. One of the most popular plant families that are classified as succulents are cacti. There are approximately 1750 known species of cacti and these plants are known for their spines, which protect them from consumption by animals. 

Cacti and other succulents have become one of the more popular house plants of choice because they're pretty easy to take care of. They require very water (as they're used to growing in deserts) and are generally pretty tricky to kill. Other popular house plants include Fiddle Leaf Figs, Chinese Money Plants, Air Plants and Snake Plants. If you plan to bring a plant into your home, you should be mindful of how much light and water it requires to survive. For instance, some plants need to be in direct sunlight, while others can do just fine without it.

In honor of all the plant lovers out there, we've curated 50 of our favorite house plant tattoos from talented artists around the world. Take a peek at the greenery in the gallery below, then let us know your favorite house plant in the comments section on social media.