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Throughout the past two seasons of MTV's How Far is Tattoo Far, we've seen a plethora of bad tattoos. There are a multitude of reasons why these tattoos are bad ideas, for reasons of pornographic imagery, disgusting design concepts, or a permanent reminder of an insecurity or bad memory. However, could we have found the most repulsive tattoo yet?

In season 2, we were introduced to a pair of long time friends named Kenny and Sarah. Like other couples on the show, they came on to teach the other a lesson. For Sarah, Kenny wanted her to loosen up sexually, as she'd admitting to being a virgin. And when it came to Kenny, Sarah decided to give him a piece that would encourage him to clean up his act.

Screen Shot 2019-07-11 at 12.04.24 PM

Once the tattoos are completed, the producers have the couples reveal their ink in the order of best to worst. Sarah was selected to see her tattoo first and Kenny had picked the phrase "Class D Virgin" to go on her lower back. And although this tattoo inked by Travis was certainly shocking, it was nothing compared to what was coming for Kenny.

Kenny's tattoo depicted a toilet paper roll, soiled in fecal matter, semen, blood, and flies, which extends from the top of his back and down to the back of his knee. This tattoo is inspired by a sexual threesome Kenny and Sarah had together in the back of a truck, in which Kenny left partway through to relieve himself and came back with fecal matter running down his leg, onto his sexual partners.

The sight of the tattoo immediately made Kenny very upset, as most anyone would be to have this permanently etched onto their body. However, this is clearly the worst possible consequence of going on a television show for a free tattoo and fifteen minutes of fame.

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For a full clip of Kenny and Sarah's tattoos, take a look at the video below and let us know your thoughts on this story in the comments section? Is this the grossest tattoo on the show in your opinion? How would you suggest covering up this monstrosity?